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Arkansas Clean Care – Your Home/Office Organization Experts!!
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the clutter around your home or office? Not sure where to start and don’t know what to throw away? We can help! At Arkansas Clean Care, we want to help you organize your life. We specialize in de-cluttering and organizing homes and offices – at a price that wont overwhelm your budget.

Arkansas Clean Care is a leading provider of organizing services in Little Rock and the surrounding areas. We offer simple solutions to complex organizing problems. Being organized means being able to run your business more efficiently, enjoy more of the space you have at home, and ultimately feel better about your life. The end results can be both dramatic and inspiring.
We service the Greater Little Rock and surrounding areas.
Our home/office organization (hoarding) services include:
  • FREE detailed estimates.
  • No judgments – we are sensitive to each person’s circumstance – no matter how bad you may think it is.
  • A written detailed plan of action of what exactly needs to be done.
  • Respect of your privacy.
  • Photo Documentation of all work performed.
  • Bulk trash removal.
  • Recovery of valuables / sentimental items.
  • Storing of personal items such as, books, personal papers, clothes, etc.
  • Organizational products including boxes, identification tags, etc.
  • Complete janitorial cleaning
Full Service Organizing/Cleaning
At Arkansas Clean Care, we are the authority in fast, efficient, and affordable organization and cleaning. And as such, we take on virtually any job – no matter how large or small. Some of the areas we offer services for include:
Home Offices
Activity / Craft Rooms
Guest Rooms
Children's Rooms
Play Rooms
Storage Rooms
Living Rooms
Dining Rooms
Entry ways
Garden Sheds
Clutter Management
Filing Systems
Mail Management
Space Organizing
Collections / Photographs
Packing / Unpacking
Having trouble finding things? Tired of the constant clutter?
If so, Arkansas Clean Care is here to help!
We simplify your life...
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